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Tischhauser Law Group Testimonials

Read What Our Clients Are Saying:

"To Mark - Thanks for your time and help. I don’t take favors lightly.” - David V.

"Thank you for all you have done for me. You and your staff made my case worry free. Plus you were always there when I had to ask!" - Sara M.

"Dear Mark Tischhauser & Staff - I wish to extend my thanks to you all, for making the whole incident a more endurable experience. Also commendable is the diligence and compassion shown by all of you in resolving the case." - Darlene M. Wright.

"Thanks for being a GREAT lawyer!!!! I KNEW I made a great choice!" - Linda J.

"Thanks Mark and your great staff for doing a GOOD JOB on my claim." - James E.

"Dear Mr. Tischhauser and law group - Thanks for your great support. May God forever Bless all of you." - Bertha & Kevin F.

"To: Mark Tischhauser & Staff - Thank you very much for all your hard work in settling my case." - Vanessa L.

"To Mark - Thank you for getting me a brand new Scion. If I ever have any more problems, with anything, I’m coming to you. And I’ve already been recommending you to everyone. Thanks.” - Rachel Z.

"To Mark & Rick - Thanks so much!!" - John B.

"Dear Mr. Tischhauser - Thank you so much for taking on my case and handling it. I owe you so much for helping me.” - Kandi P.

"Above and Beyond - This thank you card is so long past due. Once again, thanks for being there and thanks for taking on my case (again). What I like about your law firm is that it's straightforward advice. It’s honest and to the point. You’ve really helped me through this last year. There was a point when I had just wanted to give up, but you wouldn’t let me. I am forever grateful. I can’t really find the words to express it. I wish each & every one of you the best. Hopefully, I won’t need your services again, but it’s reassuring to know that you all are there … on my side." - Kandi P.

"Dear Mr. Tischhauser - Thank you for participating in the educational series for the American Association of Legal Nurse Consultants- Tampa Bay Chapter. The topic “Protecting the Nurse Consultant in Litigation discovery” was timely. The audience received the topic with enthusiasm and the evaluations rated the presentation as EXCELLENT! The organization thanks you for taking time out of your busy schedule to come and speak to us.” - Rola C.

"My God Bless you all." - Kevin F.


"Dear Mark Tischhauser, Esq. - Thank you for your presentation on PIP and Mediation that you presented at our County Civil mediator conference on August 30, 2002. The mediators were very glad to be able to attend such an interesting and informative talk. Thank you again for you time and presentation.” - Patty C.

"Mark - As I promised, from my kitchen and my heart; I deliver your favorite Greek Specialties. This, as I exclaimed to you is how much I appreciate all the time, advice and putting me on the right track to a realistic solution to my problems." - Bill A.

"I appreciate your not turning you back on me." - Carla B.