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Consumer Protection Attorney in Tampa, FL

Consumer fraud doesn’t just hurt you; it harms your family and your financial outlook. If you’ve been the victim of predatory lending, illegal collections practices, Internet scams, identity theft, fraudulent car deals, or illegitimate real estate investments, you may find yourself feeling cheated and confused.

Fortunately, the right attorney can help you seek justice. At Tischhauser Law Group, we can help you get the benefit of the many state and federal laws that offer you protections as a consumer.

You work hard to keep money in your pocket, and you don’t deserve to be subjected to financial strain and stress due to the unethical behavior of third parties.

Once you’ve contacted Tischhauser Law Group, we will work quickly to help you report fraud to appropriate state and federal agencies. In some cases, we can also help you file a claim to seek damages from the wrongdoer for your economic losses and emotional stress.

No company or entity has the right to subject you to illegal economic abuse. Call Tischhauser Law Group today, and let’s work together to take a stand against consumer fraud.