More Than 20 Years Protecting Consumers

Tampa, FL


About Tischhauser Law Group

Mark Tischhauser, managing partner

Mark Tischhauser has more than 20 years of experience in consumer law. As an active member of local, state and national bar associations, as well as a variety of civil organizations, he stays informed of the important issues affecting his clients. His experience as a former Combat Engineer in the United States Army and martial artist reinforces his tenacity and determination to achieve remarkable results without wasting your resources with a "nothing is impossible" attitude. Unlike the “stereotypical” lawyer, raised in a family of professionals, in a gated community, and the proverbial silver spoon to eat with, Mr. Tischhauser was grew up in a loving middle class family, where good work ethic and commitment to achievement on one's own, was the focus of his upbringing. As a result, Mr. Tischhauser readily identifies with the everyman and the day-to-day struggles of the “Average Joe” from ground level, rather than as an observer from an ivory tower.

A passionate legal advocate

Mark’s legal advice and representation arise from a strict adherence to his principles of integrity. He defends his clients with their interests in mind. This means you can expect direct, honest and clear guidance about your case. Mark is known for his highly personalized service and undivided loyalty to his clients.

Richard K. Peck

Richard K. Peck, IV (“Rick”) is an attorney at the Tischhauser Law Group. Rick has been an attorney with the Tischhauser Law Group since 2007. Rick’s primary practice area concerns consumer protection wherein he fights on behalf of consumers against debt collectors, banks, credit card companies and other financial institutions where he files lawsuits on behalf of consumers as well as defends consumers when they are being sued. Rick received his undergraduate degree from Florida State University and obtained his law degree from St. Thomas University Law School (Miami, FL). Rick makes his home in Pinellas County, FL and when not championing the rights of consumers, enjoys spending time with his family.